I often find myself in two minds on the subject of astrology.  I don’t really believe what I read in daily horoscopes, but I do believe personality traits are always accurate.  However I often wonder if the fact that I know my sign prior to reading about it influences how easily I relate.

Being born on the 25th of May makes me a Gemini, everything I have ever read about my personality based on this sun sign I regard as highly accurate (except for being really talkative, but that actually just depends on the crowd of people) but I have often wondered that had I read the main personality traits associated with each sign before I found out which one I was, would I have picked Gemini to be the most accurate representation of myself?

Gemini being an Air Sign means I am interested in many things and I tend to skim the surface without going too in depth, which I agree is me all over. I get bored or lose focus easily if things become too complicated, which kind of explains why this blog is all over the place subject wise.  My ruling planet is Mercury, which is all about communication.  Specific Gemini traits such as being communicative, a fast learner, relatively calm, highly adaptable and quick-witted are all things I know personify me, as well as being indecisive, critical and somewhat two-faced.  I was pretty sure I knew all of this about myself before I read the star sign, but there is no way to be sure.

The other thing that scares me a little about astrology is the fact that your personality is not just one sign, you can have a whole birth chart drawn up detailing which sign each planet was positioned in on your day and year of birth.  The different planets representing an aspect of your personality, and the sign determining how you are in that regard, the sun being your basic personality, Venus your love and attraction side, the moon your moods and emotions etc… which isn’t the best explanation, but I am no expert, and I don’t think I could be bothered becoming one.

birth chart me
Fuck that

Daily horoscopes are a bit too generalised for my liking, and within five seconds of reading one I’ve usually forgotten what it said.  Any horoscope that has ever come true I usually put down to pure coincidence.  It’s in the same category as “fortune telling” for me, there is too high a chance that anything you say could come true by coincidence, thus rendering it easier to be made up.

However, yearly horoscope predictions I have found are a different story.  My scepticism for horoscopes means I was really surprised to find my 2016 prediction was spot on.  I decided to look it up towards the end of 2016 and legit everything that was predicted to happen throughout the year had actually happened to me in some way, it freaked me out.

At the start of the year were predicted property changes and family stressors, maybe finding somewhere else to live or redecorating.  It was very true because for the first part of that year I moved back to my parents’ house after living out of home for two years and it was a weird time of adjusting back to that environment, I then spent a good deal of time house hunting before eventually moving out again.

The horoscope also predicted there would be changes work wise, what was once stable might suddenly become difficult, requiring addressing or I would change jobs.  Unexpectedly my actual workplace did become rather stressful and after four years I felt like trying something new and changed roles mid-year.

The horoscope also said I would be in luck in the love department in the second half of the year with planets moving around in such a way as they hadn’t for twelve years before, giving me more luck than usual.  The luck turned out to be real as I suddenly met someone great and he became my first boyfriend in 22 years (sad but true, I’m 23) and I was shocked at how easy it actually seemed, almost too good to be true.  12 years prior I would have been 10 years old and all I remember of my love life back then was me and my best friend having a crush on the same guy, this time 12 years later I was more lucky.

A shiver actually ran down my spine when I found out how accurate my year prediction was.  I know I can be quite delusional in my beliefs and I like to think everything is not as black and white as science and logic makes out, but astrology really makes sense if you take the time to really delve deep into it.  Even Chinese astrology, numerology and Celtic Druid Trees contain surprisingly accurate explanations about me and I find that fascinating.

I went through a naïve stage where I tried to explain my friends and families feelings and personalities to them based off their star signs, a lot of the time this was met with sarcasm and I probably sounded like a fruitcake.  I wasn’t taken too seriously, rightfully so as no one likes to be told what they’re like by someone else, even if it is the truth.  However when a few of them have looked into it themselves they have realised I was actually right in some areas.

It was during that stage I also looked up all of my friends and potential crushes star signs and became obsessed with compatibility astrology, and even a lot of that told me things I agreed with.  However you can’t always predict that you will or won’t get along with someone based on their sign alone and it would be frustrating and unrealistic having to put the analysis into practice with anyone you meet.

I try not to base all my personality assumptions on the stars or use it as an excuse to behave a certain way because it is in my stars and therefore become lazy about improving myself.  Being a Gemini doesn’t encompass everything about me, but it’s a good start and I find it really helps in identifying where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  To be aware of them is the first step toward improving them, and it is nice to have things explained to you so you feel like less of a weirdo.

So if you are reading this go and have a look and see what the websites have to say, some are badly written and some are very informative, there are a lot out there, and go down the rabbit hole of astrology, you never know what you will learn about yourself.  These are a couple that I like, but there are about 10 000 more.






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