About me

I don’t really know what this blog is mainly about, when creating this account the question “what is your blog about” stumped me for about three days.  Being specific is not easy, topics I am interested in change all the time so there is no definite answer to that question.

I became inspired to start this as I have been keeping journals for the past three years, and I find great wisdom in some of the things I wrote at certain difficult parts in life, and like to be able to read through and have something to compare with how much things have changed now.  A lot of entries have been stream of consciousness ramblings and some are outright illegible rants.  I’ve had some good revelations through writing so thought why not translate it to the internet, like everyone else these days.  That does make me sound like a sheep, and I do actually prefer handwriting as it slows my thinking down, and I am a pen enthusiast.  But I shouldn’t keep them all to myself, some of them are actually really funny and I am fascinated by biographies and enjoy learning about other peoples lives so why not post my own.

In the words of Morrissey…

and if you have five seconds to spare, then I’ll tell you the story of my life

I live in Western Australia with my cat.  I have a close-knit family, a couple of close friends and a boyfriend who recently relocated to Vietnam for work.  I never went to University but I’ve been on many trips to different countries and that can be an education in itself.  I’m interested in astrology and anything weird to do with signs and explanations on personality, I can be pretty delusional but I like it, I think a lot of people take themselves too seriously.

I enjoy a wide range of music from over the years and know a lot of random facts about most of the bands I like/follow.  I know just about everything to do with Jim Morrison and love reading about that era, Jim Morrison’s poetry album is one of my favourite things to listen to and he also inspired my discovery of Jack Kerouac, which was a great discovery.

I’ve been on a ridiculous amount of flights, having gone overseas for family holidays ever since I was 10.  I have eaten lots of weird and great food, partied in a lot of different countries, spent hours on roadtrips throughout Australia, and stayed in many camping grounds.  I’ve drank many wines and smoked many strains.

I had a life plan to be famous, thinking it would be the best thing ever, in a delusional teenager way.  I have attempted mastering guitar many times and being in a band with friends, naturally we severely underestimated the amount of effort and dedication required and gave up.   I’ve had a lot of weird friends, a lot of great friends and many phases, hairstyles and life lessons shared with those people.

Considering I was always the quiet shy kid who was happy to play alone at school and hated sport as much as the teacher hated me, a lot of the things I have done are quite a turnaround and without knowing those people I would probably have remained rather square, psychedelic drugs may also have a part to play in that.   However those experiences at school really shaped my opinion of myself and my confidence for many years, slowly over time they are fading into the background.

I am rather self aware and began writing as a means to work through weird things that were happening in my life.

I don’t really know what I’m doing but hopefully this will be less cringe-worthy than my first Tumblr blog… that was fucking bad.


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