I often find myself in two minds on the subject of astrology.  I don’t really believe what I read in daily horoscopes, but I do believe personality traits are always accurate.  However I often wonder if the fact that I know my sign prior to reading about it influences how easily I relate. Being born... Continue Reading →


The creepiest day at work

One day in the first week of a temporary job at Royal Perth Hospital I went down to the hospitals museum, I was initially excited to go there and check out the old medical equipment, however within about 20 minutes I was freaking out and wanted to get the hell out of there.  Afterwards I could not... Continue Reading →

Reasons I love Amsterdam

Over the past two years I have spent a total of two weeks in the city of Amsterdam, here are my thoughts and observations on why it is one of my favourite cities in Europe and I cannot wait to go back.   The food Naturally, a city where smoking weed is legal will lead... Continue Reading →

About me

I don't really know what this blog is mainly about, when creating this account the question “what is your blog about” stumped me for about three days.  Being specific is not easy, topics I am interested in change all the time so there is no definite answer to that question. I became inspired to start this... Continue Reading →

Long Distance Feels

I have recently found myself in a long distance relationship. As much as I researched and tried to prepare myself, the reality of the situation didn’t quite sink in until I reached the four week mark.  I am not going to see him for a few months, we are not going to hang out on weekends,... Continue Reading →

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